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The Michigan Employee Resource Group for Equity (MERG-E) convenes black employees and allies from across Michigan to utilize the power of our collective voices and platforms to make positive change for our organizations and community. We serve as an added resource to support the career growth, retention and job satisfaction of black employees across the state. We believe that we have to be at the forefront of any changes that we want to see.


We intentionally join forces to play a leading role in developing and shaping resources and programs that will help each other achieve our utmost potential and be afforded every opportunity to contribute to the success of our organizations.


We intentionally join forces to spark innovation in students, provide job shadowing opportunities to improve their future success, while strategically identifying highly qualified diverse individuals to help build our pipeline.

We believe we can define our future and can change the world.

Our Vision

MERG-E convenes employees and allies across the United States to utilize the power of their collective voices and platforms to make positive change within and outside of their organizations.



Our team consist of individuals who are leaders from their companies Employee Resource Groups.

Check our Members Page.

Stellantis is-  Director - Electrical an
Our Mission

Team Work 

After several years of employees from different companies working on various projects,
they recognized the impact they could have as a collective group that shared
the same vision and compassion.

In the midst of a pandemic, racial injustice and political unrest in 2020, the
Multicultural Employee Resource Group for Equity (MERG-E) was born. 

MERG-E representatives consists of volunteer employees from Amazon/AWS, Accenture, Cisco, Denso, , Ford, General Motors, Google, Microsoft, Stellantis (formerly Fiat Chrysler Automobiles), Verizon and continues to grow.


Interested in joining us?  Contact Us and check out our Members Page!


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